Benefits of the BLX Learning Ecosystem

BLX günstiger

Less cost, more performance

    • Save up to 45% per user on technical infrastructure deployment and operations costs.
    • Reduce the effort to customize, maintain, and deliver learning content.
BLX adaptiver

More adaptive through analysis and communication

    • Design adaptive learning paths by evaluating progress data of learners (does self-assessment match performance?) and providing statistical evidence to learners (how did others perform at this point?).
    • Optimize learning content to statistically observed learning progress (doubts, comprehension problems, dropout points)
    • Control the learning process by self-reflection (metacognition, dealing with procrastination) and motivation (compare with others).
BLX scormkompatibel

xAPI or not - stay SCORM compliant

    • What to do with “legacy” content that is still scormbased, for example? You have the choice of continuing to use it in the LMS, adding an xAPI/cmi5 adapter if necessary, or migrating to new formats to make it xAPI/cmi5 compliant. Whatever seems appropriate. With the BLX Ecosystem, you are on the safe side and well prepared for the future.
    • Continue to use proven learning content and maintain its instructional quality. They can be easily integrated into multi-format teaching/learning scenarios. This enables a smooth transition to the design, creation, and delivery of future-proof formats.
BLX interaktiver

More interactive and informative

    • Wide range of interactive widgets. More than 50 H5P content types (tasks, exercises, immersions, scenarios, integration of AV media into learning contexts such as interactive video, and more).
    • Motivating and varying task based learning environments and learning scenarios.
BLX wirkungsvoller

Efficient and effective

    • Avoid unnecessarily complicated sequences, multiple design options, supporting content creation by connecting to AI (ChatGPT, DALL-e).
    • Better learning outcomes through targeted and rapid access to contextual content and media. Increased acceptance and motivation through tangible learning success (self-reflection).
BLX einfacher

Simpler does not mean less

    • Simplified workflow from design to production, testing, and delivery. Easily reuse, search, and find high-quality learning content.
    • Better maintenance and troubleshooting by eliminating redundancies. Share or collaborate on media and content creation.
BLX nachhaltiger

Long-term profitability for more sustainability

    • Open standards and transparent code base for sustainable system maintenance and adaptation to changing conditions. Large international developer/user communities.
    • Compliance with international valid standards for data exchange, data storage, data protection, accessibility, etc.
    • Design sustainable learning journeys by avoiding discontinuities between different learning environments, situations and contexts, between formal and informal learning, and between learning experiences within and outside of single events (seamless learning).
BLX open source

Open Source is smarter

    • Future-proof system architecture with no additional licensing costs (transparency of costs).
    • Vendor independent (LMS > 100 service providers in the EU, LRS > 100 service providers worldwide, CMS > 50,000 service providers worldwide), flexible, scalable and secure.
BLX attraktiver

Being attractive isn't a matter of taste

    • Seamless integration of eye-catching learning media from different sources, template-based creation of attractive learning content for effective dramaturgies.
    • Combination of instructional design and user experience design to create positive learning experiences.
    • Free or guided navigation through multi-media learning scenarios based on current web standards for improved usability and a better learning experience.

Services we offer

Explanatory films &


Micro Learning &

Adaptive Learning


Digital learning formats raise expectations – and questions: How to do it? Where to get started? Who needs to get on board? What costs will incur? What needs to be considered when implementing? Who offers what? We know these questions very well and help our clients to sort out ideas, create clarity and make decisions – as intensively as necessary, as quickly as possible. Many questions are self-explanatory, whether in the development of pilot projects, the strategic implementation or the operation of a learning ecosystem.


    • Input Workshops
    • Comparison of Authoring Systems
    • Customization of Process Models

Creating a positive learning experience is our passion. Once the framework is set, we let our creativity run wild. With years of experience, we crack even the toughest material, analyzing, thinking, and playing until it works – sensually, understandably, and experientially. Whether multi-device, multimedia or blended learning – to select the appropriate formats, we place the competencies in the context of the performance, learning and assessment activities and then design the appropriate learning scenario.


    • Prototype Development
    • Explanatory Vidoes

The production of learning media is teamwork. Sounds good – but media production is first and foremost a division of labor. With an eye on the big picture, we bring together nerds, aesthetes, geeks, pedants, freaks, theorists, and creatives, and create space for short paths, clear messages, quick comprehension, a positive attitude, and respect. For us, every technician is also a musician, just as every lyricist can also be a mathematician.


    • Prototype Development
    • Explanatory Videos
    • Migrations

Blended learning has become an integral part of modern workforce development strategies. Both cost reduction and quality assurance play a role. Combining the operational side of digital media production with the strategic side of content management requires powerful tools. The open source components of the BLX Ecosystem make it possible to map the complete lifecycle of digital learning formats and to operate clearly defined products with high process transparency and service quality.


    • Enabling & Trainings
    • Support Levels