Let's meet at LEARNTEC 2024!

LEARNTEC is the industry meeting place for everyone interested in the trends in digital education. A unique network of partners, experts, multipliers and media partners – the ideal place to make new contacts!

The latest developments, the most important learning trends and the industry’s key findings will be presented and discussed at both the congress and the trade fair.

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We at the Learntec 2024 exhibition:

Our highlights at the exhibition

Live on site Experience what has happened here in recent months and what you can expect from us in the future when it comes to digital training and further education.

Videos and cmi5 – a perfect match
We look forward to showing you what makes the BLX Digital Learning Ecosystem better with open source, generative AI and cmi5.

Content with format
A new qualification programme on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMSFSJ) implemented with the BLX DLE. Let’s talk about cmi5 in action!

Don’t miss the presentation*
The making of “Integration Course with Child Plus” – entry-level training realised with the cmi5-compatible Open Source Learning Content Management System from BLX on behalf of the BMSFSJ. Speaker: Anne Schumacher, Integration Course with Child Service Centre, SPI Foundation

*On 4 and 5 June, Start-up Stage in Hall 2

Services we offer

Explanatory films &


Micro Learning &

Adaptive Learning


Digital learning formats raise expectations – and questions: How to do it? Where to get started? Who needs to get on board? What costs will incur? What needs to be considered when implementing? Who offers what? We know these questions very well and help our clients to sort out ideas, create clarity and make decisions – as intensively as necessary, as quickly as possible. Many questions are self-explanatory, whether in the development of pilot projects, the strategic implementation or the operation of a learning ecosystem.


    • Input Workshops
    • Comparison of Authoring Systems
    • Customization of Process Models

Creating a positive learning experience is our passion. Once the framework is set, we let our creativity run wild. With years of experience, we crack even the toughest material, analyzing, thinking, and playing until it works – sensually, understandably, and experientially. Whether multi-device, multimedia or blended learning – to select the appropriate formats, we place the competencies in the context of the performance, learning and assessment activities and then design the appropriate learning scenario.


    • Prototype Development
    • Explanatory Vidoes

The production of learning media is teamwork. Sounds good – but media production is first and foremost a division of labor. With an eye on the big picture, we bring together nerds, aesthetes, geeks, pedants, freaks, theorists, and creatives, and create space for short paths, clear messages, quick comprehension, a positive attitude, and respect. For us, every technician is also a musician, just as every lyricist can also be a mathematician.


    • Prototype Development
    • Explanatory Videos
    • Migrations

Blended learning has become an integral part of modern workforce development strategies. Both cost reduction and quality assurance play a role. Combining the operational side of digital media production with the strategic side of content management requires powerful tools. The open source components of the BLX Ecosystem make it possible to map the complete lifecycle of digital learning formats and to operate clearly defined products with high process transparency and service quality.


    • Enabling & Trainings
    • Support Levels